Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

black and white film images of NYC

To make these images I used my manual Leica R8, 35mm camera. I used Ilford HP5 Plus film to get well-separated mid-tones for proper and detailed exposure. I was able to get fine grain where I wanted and heavy grain for certain shots. I love how dynamic film is. It's also very sensitive. I can immediately tell when a printed image was made using film -- there's such a personal quality and a certain depth you can't get elsewhere. Makes my heart happy! Some of these will be in my Etsy shop, soon. Feel free to post in the comments or DM me @ taracphoto@me.com if you have any questions, comments, etc. in the meantime!

For more photos of NYC, click here and here.  

Friday, September 7, 2012

Adventures in Coffee

Ran out of espresso beans so I went on one of my morning drives to Progress. I kept it short and sweet this time and just shot a couple things on the way there rather than creeping through east of downtown like I often do... Because I have things to do today -- I was really excited to get home and make that coffee and we may be heading to Barton Springs -- happy Friday!  Love Austin!

BUT if you are interested in following my espresso project, MENH, My Espresso in Its Native Habitat, you can catch up here, on Instagram.  

As you can see, I discovered that Kaos DJ Mike Danger has an alter ego or a cousin. On another note - one of his bands, The Knocked Out Stiffs, is playing tonight at Emo's East, along with Pocket FishRmen, Brewtality Inc., The Chumps, and Sabbath Crow. Wow, writing all that just made me realize what a great show this is going to be!