Friday, November 18, 2011

FFF Sunday

After a lovely weekend of exploring Austin's food trailers, boutiques, and vintage shops I got a wild hair on Sunday morning when Mike started chanting Slayer's "Reign in Blood" at the foot of the bed. I imagined it live and got really excited! I knew that being the last day of FFF, I could have an easier shot at getting a discounted ticket ... I figured people get burned out by the end of the festivals and give up. There are also those that could care less about Slayer or don't even know who they are. I've never been a HUGE fan especially compared to most of my friends, who definitely have been since before they even became teenagers but I had known for years that I needed to see Slayer once in my life. So I went.

And sadly but honestly I have to say, I didn't really care. I was too far away and that's why I don't go to festivals. Distance creates a disconnect and it doesn't sound as good either. But I had a great time. I mostly enjoyed the blue stage, which I couldn't stop referring to as "the party tent". "I'm goin' to the party tent" or "Dude, I'm at the party tent!" It was dantzy music and I figured I should experience bands I would not go see outside of scoring a PIP pass for FFF. I love neon lights & signs but for a second there I thought, "Who am I? Hahaha, where am I?!" Really, it wasn't like that. But I think it was for the guys next to me who were pointing at the lights on the ground from someone else's magic wand topped with a swirling light sphere when one of them jumped in the circle of disco lights and started furiously moving his feet and dancing. It was awesome.

At one point I was at one of the PIP areas closest to the blue stage. PIP areas were raised platforms with seating away from the crowd, where you could watch the show. I was trying to get a good panorama of the city when a couple stood up in front of me. I sort of waited for some moment, not knowing what that moment was, but:
Amazing! And this is the one and only shot I am excited about during FFF.

I did get a video of Cannibal Corpse that I like because you can see dust swirls from the pit in front of me and it looks like ghosts dancing right in front of my eyes:
Other than that, I discovered Trash Talk. They ruled.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

FFF Weekend on the Sidelines Finale

If you've seen recent posts, you know that I sat out FFF. And made silly little videos of myself grooving out to great songs in the car after my drop-offs or before my pick-ups (I had a nice routine going - after drop-off & before pick-up: random and whimsical wandering adventures and relaxation around Austin ... OK, one more pick-up). 

I dropped Mike off at FFF in the early afternoon on Saturday and ended up downtown. After cruising around for a bit then taking a rest stop at City Hall, I crossed the street to go down by the water, on the other side of the Colorado River from FFF. The music (mainly bass!) floated through the air along with cheers from the crowd. The sound was pretty thrilling. Austin is awesome.

I walked along the water's edge, checking out the plants and trees until I crept up on this tattered building. Whenever I discover this kind of abandoned building, I approach it slowly, with fear - and adrenaline - I suppose. I imagine rabid, drug-addicted squatters inside and slowly push the door open anyway:  
Light Switches and Gems
Creepy Flyer
Yeah, why not?!
Awesome weekend. Awesome city. I love Austin! I mentioned in my first FFF Weekend on the Sidelines post that I ended up getting a wild hair and going on the last day so check back soon! I'm really excited about one shot and one shot only.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FFF Weekend on the Sidelines, Part II

B. Hollyman Gallery

You may have seen my recent posts here or on tumblr, documenting my little weekend adventures while I sat FFF out last weekend. I love rediscovering my city, the city of Austin (Tupac, anyone?). It's been a while since I visited a gallery and, more specifically, a gallery that exhibits fine art silver gelatin prints. I'm talking about hand-printed photographs developed in a darkroom on archival paper.

It sounds ridiculous but I honestly got teary-eyed.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

FFF Sidelines

I sat out FFF. Never been before; I'm not against it or music festivals in general but I just prefer a more intimate setting for live music. And I'd rather pay a more manageable price for a band/s I really want to see than more for a handful of bands I settle on.

Anyway, I loved enjoying Austin peacefully this past weekend and I had such a great time that I felt like a tourist - not like an outsider (I've lived here on & off, mostly on, since '94) but with renewed wonder & exploration. I'd drop Mike off early in the day then stop at a food trailer (La BoƮte) for breakfast & espresso, then cruise around South 1st & Lamar, appreciating the diverse architecture & landscape of awesome neighborhoods...also visiting boutiques & vintage shops. Then, I'd grab a drink and dinner before picking Mike up after dark.

I loved getting updates from Mike, seeing his great photos, interviews, & hearing his excitement & what a good time he was having @ shows & collecting shots & interviews for his radio show (The Danger Show) on We'd meet back up at the end of the day after he rocked out & I peaced out.

Stay tuned because I actually got a wild hair on the final day of FFF & hunted down a special ticket. Images to come later this week. And I'll have a special guest blogger who will share his front row (& back stage) experiences.