Monday, February 13, 2012

Vintage and normal wacky stuff in Austin

Love my leisurely days strolling through Austin. Uncommon Objects on South Congress is always like taking a trip in time through different geographic regions so of course I always like to wander in. And merely walking by Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds (also on SoCo) and checking out the window display is like being at the carnival. Kinda fun, kinda creepy. Good.

Coco Coquette on Cesar Chavez has crazy wigs, makeup, and hair accessories. There is a vintage shop, Charm School Vintage (what a great name!) in the front of the converted house (Maison d'Etoil) that always has something killer.

Besides thoroughly enjoying what our local, independent businesses have to offer (literally and aesthetically) I always discover a new spot or piece of urban eye candy while cruising from place to place.

Austin always brings it back home. I love this town. I've always loved travel adventures and the arts and culture that larger cities ooze but I love this freaking town. I've tried to leave a handful of times (growing pains) but now here I am. xo
Uncommon Objects
Maison d'Etoile
LSD (Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds)
Uncommon Objects
Uncommon Objects
Uncommon Objects

Thursday, February 2, 2012

East Side Drive-In Trailer Park

The Vegan Yacht

Random trailer on the corner outside of the East Side Drive-In

The trailer I actually got food from last weekend was Pueblo Viejo. I guess I got side-tracked while waiting and started walking around, forgetting to get a snapshot or maybe I just didn't find the truck to be that interesting visually. The veggie quesadilla was pretty yummy. I still have to try these others in the East Side Drive-In "trailer park" as well as some others scattered around the area. What's your fave?!