Friday, November 16, 2012

What I'm Showing at E.A.S.T. 2012 ... and some Why.


I hope everyone is happy, healthy, and enjoying the season. I recently spent some time in Cleveland with my mom and was able to experience a true fall, where the red, orange, yellow, and green leaves on massive trees glow vibrantly in the sunshine as the seasons turn. I also visited Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes. Ohio, in its post-industrial and depressed middle American state, still has nuggets of beauty and prosperity set against an overall backdrop of a wonderfully photographic gritty existence. 

I brought some of those images to exhibit in E.A.S.T., (East Austin Studio Tour) which started last weekend and will continue this weekend, Saturday and Sunday (November 17-18) from 11am-6pm. I hope you can stop by to say hello, drink cheap vino, grab some snacks and check out a nice mix of art photography at Juju Foto Factory. We are destination H45 on the E.A.S.T. map. 2235 E. Sixth Street, just past Robert T. Martinez if you are heading east on E. Sixth. 

The collection I'm showing is a combination of organic landscapes and urban landscapes - always a magnetic juxtaposition in my daily life. Attached are some samples of what I have at the show. I have work priced from $5-$200, so there's something for every budget. I also have older work from my traveling adventures in Europe, including b+w archival images I custom printed in the darkroom. I really wanted to make artwork accessible to everyone so I have great deals (i.e. 1 for $50 or 2 for $80 and a wide variety of subjects. 

If you would like to learn more about the group I'm showing my work with, Austin Art Photography, or need detailed directions click here

Thank you to those of you who have already made it by the foto factory. I very much appreciate your support. I would love to see more of you! This will be the last weekend until next year. If you haven't yet experienced E.A.S.T., it's a great way to explore Austin, see what local talent is up to, get good eats & drinks on the east side, discover up & coming artists, and find affordable, unique treasures for yourself, your home, and as Christmas gifts. 

Love and light,

And here's some stuff I thought about showing in the exhibition but, you know, editing ...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

E.A.S.T. 2012

from juju foto factory blog:

this year during e.a.s.t. we host “optics” a group gallery show presented by austin art photography 

juju foto factory
2235 east sixth street, suite 101
austin, texas 78702 (map)

we are stop H45 on the tour map

exhibition dates:
november 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th, 2012
11am – 6pm

about the austin art photography group
Austin Art Photography was founded by Ricardo Acevedo of R/aWorks Creative in February of 2012 with the intent of creating a collective of a vast range of fellow creatives in the photographic field. Formed earlier this year it is still in fledgling form but is rapidly expanding it’s wings. Serving as an arena for peers to bounce ideas, questions and new work off of each other they gather motivation, insight and knowledge of an evolving medium in which each is passionate about. There are many lenses through which life can be viewed and each individual brings their perspective in the raw, gritty, somber, vibrant, soothing, shocking and clear voice of their own.

Diversity of technique, style and vision is quickly evident within the group. We encompass everyone from highly skilled professionals with many years of experience to those just starting out and those in between. Austin Art Photography is not just a group of photographers who just happen to be exhibiting our work together, we are a group that supports each other in the differences within the art. As Oscar Wilde said, “Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known. ” Our cameras are the common denominator with which we choose to speak, what we each have to say is quite varied though.

Optics is an invitation to foray into the printed form of light and vision as seen by each artist as they have continuously strived for further culmination within their own body of work. What will grab your eye? Will it be the sublime, the surreal, the scenic?

…Stop in to view the kaleidoscopic array offered, a veritable playground for your eyes and mind awaits.

participating photographers
ricardo acevedo
hans bauer
neil coleman
deborah kirksey coley
tara cuccia
eric debris
mark heaps
ed lehmann
cynthia lively
jermiah newton
mona pitts
michael reeves
john stekl
raphael umscheid
zacharia xacian

more about e.a.s.t.
The East Austin Studio Tour is a self-guided tour and celebration of east Austin’s creative culture. E.A.S.T is a free nine day event, spanning across two weekends. The tour is an annual tradition and opportunity to explore the vibrant energy of east Austin, the work of hundreds of artists in their studios, gallery spaces, and a number of exciting art events.