Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New York, September 2011

I <3 New York. It makes me totally emotional. Because there is so much stimuli to keep me thinking and when I think a lot my senses are heightened. I get instinctive. The city inspires me and everything is an event ... walking down the sidewalk, even. Every corner offers something of interest where I think to myself, "that looks cute", "that could be a moment", or "i bet the food is wonderful", and on and on.

I've gone to New York twice in the past two months (I know) but it was a long time coming. I moved to Manhattan when I graduated from UT, with romanticized dreams of becoming a writer and an artist. I wrote for American PHOTO and Popular photography magazines - creating advertisements and marketing pieces ... not exactly the visions I had of an underground, seedy artist's life. But it was good. And on travel photography workshops hosted by the magazines, I began to hone my eye for documentary and travel photography. I lived in Gramercy Park, then the East Village for a little over two years then moved back to Texas and traveled. I intended on moving back to New York (to the more affordable Brooklyn) but instead, ended up settling back in Austin. It is good.

Last August was the first time I'd been back since 2000. I had a quick layover on my way to Milan, where I had time to grab lunch with my aunt but that was it. My job at Yodle is what finally brought me back to New York. Love my job! The marketing team I work with is amazing so I love being able to work with them in person. And, of course, I love running around in the evenings after work. I get so excited seeing places I used to go and it's thrilling to discover new ones.

High Line

Doc Holiday's, East Village

Dukes, East Village

Gramercy Park Yum!

Pete's Tavern, Gramercy Park
Oldest surviving bar in New York & historical landmark. 

321 2nd Ave. My old coop building. 

They spruced it up.

Gramercy Park

Restaurant and BAR
I remember, years ago, saying this after deciding we were done drinking for a little bit, "I'm not done." And we walked into Odessa and sat down in a booth at the back of the restaurant across from the bar top.

Old Dive

206 E. 6th. East Village. 2nd building I lived in.
 Great courtyard with my own entrance from the living area. Nobody else went back there. 

View from The High Line

The High Line

High Line View


Ditto. Diane von Furstenberg.

The High Line

High Line

Off The High Line

Why does this guy look so familiar?

Turkish Street Fair, Times Square

Washington Square Park

NYU area



Generation Records Stairwell


Bathroom Fascination: Click here!

Amazing selection of jazz, soul, soundtracks, rare stuff

Really wanted to see Shit Year and Tabloid but couldn't fit it in.

West Village

West Village, Smorgas Chef: Gravlax.

Middle of the night slop up sesh or Americana breakfast

Tomkins Square Park, East Village